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November 28, 2012

A bold step in educating the masses by Internet

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by the Bellingham Herald

Whether or not somebody from Vancouver who has a love of learning can someday receive course credits from Harvard without leaving their living room remains to be seen. But for now, the idea of taking “Introduction to Astronomy” from Duke University, plus “Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies” from the University of Maryland, plus “A History of the World Since 1300” from Princeton University is a delicious prospect. Learning for learning’s sake is one of the great joys of humanity. Some six centuries ago, Gutenberg’s invention of moveable type transformed the knowledge that was available to the masses, ushering in an era in which literacy became widespread. These days, the Internet is forging a similar transformation. And while the Massive Open Online Course is merely the latest innovation, it makes us eager for the next changes in the way the world learns.

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