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November 26, 2012

MOOCs online learning: End of higher ed as we know it?

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by Dana Blackenhorn, the Street

Here is good news for your children and grandchildren: When the latter are ready for college, the former won’t be pushed into the poor house by it. That’s because of MOOCS (massive open online courses), with which universities provide open access to their learning content through online platforms. These are real college courses, taught online, that take advantage of the Web’s scalability and the video capabilities of modern tablets.An undergraduate education used to be an option for Americans, offering a path to the middle class. Now it’s a hostage situation, required to avoid falling out of it. And because some of the hostages struggle to come up with the ransom, experts anticipate that learning will become increasingly disconnected from the pursuit of a degree — much like songs have become unbundled from albums or CDs.

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