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October 26, 2012

MITx and the classroom of tomorrow: A vision for the future of edX and MIT

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By Sam Shames, the Tech

While helping students master course material, MITx helps professors and faculty measure exactly what their students have and have not learned. Providing this type of feedback allows for more focused and effective teaching. When professors know exactly what a class does and does not understand, they can use class time more efficiently. Not only would the integration of MITx improve the traditional classroom setting, but it would also empower students by giving them the resources they need to take control of their education. Currently, if a student is very excited about a subject and wants to study it, the only option they have is to read the textbook. Not only is this not a very effective way to learn, but it is about as common as turning in optional problem sets. MITx offers a better platform for enthusiastic students to explore the material at their own pace. It provides students with an unprecedented level of control of their education, a level of control that is sure to be welcomed by the self-sufficient learning community that is MIT.

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