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October 18, 2012

Erin Bali of Udemy: Every Expert Will Teach via Online Learning in 10 Years

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by Sarah Cargill, Getting Smart

Erin Bali says “we believe that now, more than ever, learning isn’t just something that happens from birth to college graduation. Learning is something that happens throughout your entire life (whether it’s associated with a traditional education institution or not). In today’s hyper competitive environment, employers are eager to find workers that are hungry to advance and have the ability to learn new skills. We’re also busier than ever though and need to find ways to learn on our own, when and where it’s convenient for us. Udemy provides the destination and marketplace for all types of learning content for any student. We don’t limit our content sources to traditional higher ed and we believe strongly in a DIY approach where students can grab the content or courses or certifications they need to learn and keep moving.”

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