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August 27, 2012

Online Learning for Kindergartners?

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by Caity Doyle, Technapex

Programs such as Los Angeles-based KIPP Empower Academy and San Jose-based Rocketship Education are working to provide online education for low-income elementary school students. These K-4 and K-5 programs, respectively, incorporate online tools in the classrooms, with students working on computers at their own pace or in small groups for part of the day. Teachers can keep track of student progress by glancing at a dashboard, so if a particular student is struggling with a concept, they can stop to help that particular student. Allowing students to work at different paces permits children who have mastered concepts quickly to move ahead. So far, KIPP seems to be getting results: 36 percent of KIPP Empower Academy kindergartners were reading at a proficient or advanced level before implementing the blended learning program. By the end of the year, 96 percent were reading at a proficient or advanced level.

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