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March 27, 2019

Digital Classy: 5 Reasons to go for the Online Learning Alternative

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BY ANDREW CIOFFI, Baltimore Post-Examiner

The reasons for the rise in popularity of e-learning are not difficult to arrive at. First, there is undeniable convenience that comes with being able to carry out your studies from the comfort of your own home or the environment you think suits you best. Second, it is incredibly cheap in comparison to booking a place in a learning institution. There are plenty of learning resources available online at the click of a button, which may not be made use of in a traditional learning setting. Finally, and perhaps not so obviously as the preceding reasons, is the fact that many education stakeholders find that e-learning is just as effective, if not more, as learning in traditional settings. Let’s take a look at the reasons many have come to think learning online may be just as good as the real world alternative.

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