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February 27, 2012

Is online learning more supportive of interaction than traditional learning?

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by Learner Weblog

Online learning or traditional learning: which is better? This evolving but nevertheless important question has been raised from time to time, and as yet I don’t see an easy answer to it.Most of the classes I attended were of small class, with at most 30 students, though there were a few mass lectures of more than 90. We didn’t have teaching assistant for the instructors, and so I wasn’t alone in my learning in class. I learnt with a small group of around 5-6 students on some occasions in the undergraduate programs, but then I learnt mostly alone in the postgraduate courses. That wasn’t surprising, as students studying at the pre-internet time were information deficit and have to find their ways through the library, in search of “knowledge” with books, artifacts or journals. Do online learning offer a greater level of interaction than this? I think in my case, the interaction is different, as most of my interaction now with others have been over the virtual and digital networks.

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