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September 28, 2017

You can now take an online course to learn how to build a flying or self-driving car

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by Karen Hao, Quartz

Udacity revealed two new programs in flying and self-driving cars. “Intro to Self-Driving Cars” promises to teach students “the essentials of building a self-driving car” over four months for 10 hours per week. Designed for people with minimal coding experience, the course introduces students to the basic engineering challenges of self-driving cars (there’s also a more advanced “Self-Driving Car Engineer” bootcamp.) Udacity has partnered with Lyft to offer 400 scholarships to underrepresented minorities in tech for the $800 class. The two-term “Flying Car” program, which will open early 2018, brings together aerospace professors from MIT, ETH Zurich, and the University of Toronto. Despite the ambitious name, the curriculum focuses largely on quadrotors and fixed-wing drones, which are used to introduce software skills and basic concepts that might eventually power the flying cars of the future.

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