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August 22, 2017

How will Virtual Reality revolutionize Education?

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by Ritesh Mehta, Customer Think

Collaboration in VR classroom boosts social integration of learners. Students that struggle to be part of the class group were able to be accepted by their peers due to their technology skills. With the technology, shy learners will come out of their shells and the kids, lacking in confidence previously in their math abilities, became confident technology experts. Virtual reality is apt to students with various needs and styles of learning. Furthermore, it provides a lot of opportunities for peer teaching and group work. What is impossible in reality is possible in virtual reality. The pedagogies of game-based and constructivism learning shows that students learn best by doing or being. They shouldn’t just read about history, but they should be historians as well. They shouldn’t just study archaeology but should be archaeologists themselves. The capacity to introduce practical knowledge to a classroom without actually leaving the space makes educational experience invaluable. Instead of simply listening to lectures, kids could put words underneath a headset and get real experience but in a virtual wrapper.

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