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August 16, 2017

AI pioneer Andrew Ng says his new online course will help build ‘an AI-powered society’ #elearning

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by James Vincent, the Verge

Lots of people will tell you they’re nervous about the changes artificial intelligence will bring to the world, but Andrew Ng is confident it’s all for the best. The former AI chief of Baidu and founder of Google Brain is on a mission to build what he calls an “AI-powered society” — one where smart computers are as integral to businesses as electricity. And to bring about that future, Ng, now an adjunct professor at Stanford, will share what he knows best by teaching.  Ng is launching a new course on deep learning on Coursera, the online education site he co-founded. The syllabus will follow his popular machine learning course, which has attracted some 2 million enrollments since its launch in 2011.

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