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June 8, 2017

Vinton Cerf’s 6 considerations for keeping the IoT safe

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by  Matt Leonard, GCN
Reliability: ”I don’t think anyone wants to use these devices if they’re not reliable.” The light switch has worked for years, don’t make it harder.
Ease of use: ”It should actually make your life easier as opposed to harder.”
Safety: ”Nobody would buy and install a device if they didn’t think it was safe.”
Privacy: “Imagine webcams in the house that are accessible remotely by unauthorized parties.”
Autonomy: “You don’t want your house to stop working if it is disconnected from the internet.”
Interoperability: “If we’re going to build ensembles of these devices and expect to manage them in a sensible way, then we have to have standards that allow for interoperability.”
Cerf said bugs in IoT devices will likely be fixed the same way bugs in computers or mobile devices are handled: by downloading new software. Yet that is not as simple as it sounds, he said.
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