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June 6, 2017

Seven things we learned about WannaCry

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by Ian Sherr, CNet

The cyberattack is one of the worst of its kind in history, disrupting businesses, hospitals and government agencies. Here’s everything we know so far. This attack will continue for a while. This is perhaps the most frustrating part of WannaCry. Because it spreads through file-sharing technology built into the Windows software that powers most of the world’s PCs, and because people are slow to update their computers, it’s likely we’ll be feeling the reverberations of this attack for some time. The Shadow Brokers, the hackers behind the NSA leak that arguably helped kick off this mess, say they have more unreleased hacking tools. The group said that starting in June, it will begin a “Data Dump of the Month” service. Think of it as a wine of the month club — except, y’know, less fun.

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