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June 4, 2017

The Coming of the Phigital Generation — and Reality

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by Michael Stoner, Inside Higher Ed

For marketers, preparation for the arrival of a new group on campus involves supporting IT and curricular initiatives as well as optimizing websites and other marketing channels. “Phigital” is the recently coined name for the upcoming generation of students who don’t draw a distinction between the physical and digital worlds and are comfortable in both. [Or maybe that’s apparently comfortable in both.] We shouldn’t be surprised that people, raised in a world of mobile devices and technology, have expectations about how organizations should function. Phigitals wonder why all organizations don’t just “get” mobile and optimize for it in every aspect of their operations. After all, when you can buy stuff on Amazon’s app and have it delivered in the afternoon (assuming you live in the right place, of course), you begin to wonder why every aspect of your life doesn’t function in the same way.

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