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March 18, 2011

Reflections on Watson the Computer

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By Sally Blount, Petroleum World

The gap between human and artificial intelligence seems to be getting smaller… on Feb. 16, IBM’s “Watson” computer outsmarted two Jeopardy champions. A recent edition of TIME magazine explored our quest for human perfection and the rapidly emerging human-technology interface. And the current issue of Atlantic magazine reports the ever-closer results of the Turing Test—which determines whether a human or computer program can hold the most human-like conversation for five minutes. As I read about these technological advancements, I can’t help thinking that, if given a chance, I would love to have a chip planted in my brain that would help me remember names. I meet so many people every day from across our 60,000-person community of students, administrators, faculty, alumni and corporate partners. I would feel so much better and be more effective if, with a little help from technology, I could remember everybody’s names every time I saw them.

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