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July 22, 2016

Is faster better for postsecondary learning?

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Considered major players in the education disruption business, companies like Udacity and EdCast are working with colleges, universities, and entrepreneurial leaders to develop shorter degree pathways (nanodegrees) and shorter online learning experiences. Udacity has partnered with tech giants such as AT&T, Google, Facebook and Amazon to reinvent job training via nanodegrees. Udacity has enrolled more than 11,000 students in its nanodegree programs and graduated 3,000 of those. EdCast’s EdCasting invites educators and entrepreneurs to create mini-MOOCs on its social sharing platform, otherwise known as “Twitter for education.”EdCast also launched its microlearning series, the “10 Minute Insights” series, mobile-enabled live-streamed/live-cast and then archived mini-discussions hosted by Silicon Valley innovators representing a broad range of expertise is various subjects.

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