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July 21, 2016

Mobile in and Out of the Classroom

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By Toni Fuhrman, Campus Technology

A history professor at the University of Texas at Arlington is improving class performance by encouraging the use of mobile devices. “Using this technology, if I ask a question and it falls flat, I can usually figure out why,” Cole said. “If I’m getting a lot of flags [signifying confusion], I know I need to go back and find a different way of explaining my point.” To engage students in additional discussion, she sometimes asks a question and looks at the results without revealing the answer. She will then ask students to talk in groups of two or three to try to convince the others of the answer they gave. “This means they talk to each other about the concept, and use their own words to justify a given answer.” In such a scenario, Cole noted, she’s getting students to help her get her point across. “This style of active learning works best for me,” said Cole. Outside of class, with a study guide beside them, students can click on a slide and listen to just that segment of the lecture for review or clarification.

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