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March 19, 2016

College tuition getting ridiculous? Try U Tube

Filed under: Online Learning News — Ray Schroeder @ 12:03 am

By The San Diego Union-Tribune Editorial Board

The announcement that the University of Southern California will charge a staggering $51,442 for tuition in 2016-17 — bringing it to a rough tie with Vassar as America’s most expensive university — was presented by USC administrators as the inevitable result of their ambitious push to make USC the West Coast equivalent of an Ivy League school. As college costs — and student loan debt — keep ballooning, we wonder if Quick and other tuition-hiking university leaders realize that they are making it more likely that higher education faces the same sort of technology-driven cataclysm that destroyed travel agencies, hollowed out newspapers and buffeted so many industries. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) — free or inexpensive classes that use YouTube lectures, podcasts, interactive learning and many other tools of the Internet age — are increasingly refined, accessible and attractive.

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