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January 31, 2016

Earning online degrees takes motivation

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by Debbie Blank, Herald-Tribune

Malia Fledderman decided to go back to school to get an MBA “to just get a job in general. I had a very hard time after graduation just finding a full-time job because I was a ‘damn millennial’ and didn’t have any experience.” Aiming to earn a Master of Business Administration in management and strategy, “Mine was typically three courses, but a couple of terms I had four. Each major has a different setup.” In my major, all of the work required writing papers and working through simulations …. You can go at your own pace, because the papers or projects are not due at particular times. They just all have to be completed and you have to have a passing grade on each paper or project by the end of the term for all of the courses. If you submitted a paper and it didn’t pass, you had to redo the paper and resubmit. Before you resubmit, you have the option to speak with the professor of the course, (who) will read through your paper and help you figure out what parts you may be missing.”

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