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June 30, 2015

Explore Summer Online Learning Options for High School Students

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By Ian Quillen, US News

Through summer online courses, high schoolers can tackle advanced subjects, prepare for college entrance exams and retake classes. Kim Davie remembers her reaction when her mom suggested she and twin sister Shayla enroll in a summer online course after their freshman year. “I wasn’t all for it,” she says sheepishly. A year later, though, both Houston-area high schoolers are willingly returning for another summer with the International Connections Academy to get a head start on next fall’s course material. Shayla will take statistics after enrolling in Algebra 2 a year ago. Kimberly will study physics after last year’s geometry course. Both expect a similar summer as​ last year, when they still had time for cheerleading camp, fitness camp and a vacation to Mexico. “You could still work the class into your schedule,” Kim says. “Any free time you had, you could use it.”

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