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July 17, 2014

What “open learning” looks like when it’s for kids who need it most

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by Mimi Ito, boingboing

We’ve heard a lot of talk these days about open educational resources and online courses and how these platforms can make high-quality learning available for all. The campaign has been touting the potential of online courses to teach kids how to code. Khan Academy has been the darling of the tech industry because of its potential to disrupt existing models of educational content delivery. It turns out, though, that these offerings are mostly serving already wired, well off, and highly educated families. True “disruption” and access beyond the echo chamber of the digital elites requires more than creating sophisticated educational content and building high-end online learning platforms. We need to spend less effort escalating the tech and bandwidth intensiveness of these platforms and more on meeting diverse kids where they are in their local communities with the resources they have on hand.

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