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March 18, 2014

4 Key Benefits To Using Open Source In Education

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By Jared Whitehead, Edudemic

In 2012, most of the pedagogical and technological community were taken by storm from a report by One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) that laptops dropped off in rural Ethiopia had been learned from in ways the contributors never imagined. Not only did the children who received the laptops, many of whom were pre-literate and had no prior exposure to digital technology, make use of the programs the developers uploaded, they began to hack the Android-based operating system that the laptops used, reenabling the webcam and modifying the laptop desktops—an application that was previously blocked by the developers working on the specialized laptops. I think a key step towards promoting renewed efforts at government revitalization is to introduce students to the open source community as quickly as possible. This community is a valuable, productive environment for inculcating in a new generation a commitment to collaboration. The following are just four reasons why open source is the right choice for our children.

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