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May 26, 2014

For Certain Kinds of Learning, Playing a Game is Probably the Best Bet

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By Jesse Singal, NY Mag

If you give someone a big chunk of information to learn, they may not go about it the most efficient way — maybe they won’t break it up into digestible chunks, or maybe they’ll waste too much time solidifying something that’s easy for them at the expense of something that’s hard. Online games can fix all these problems dictating the terms under which you learn, from the intervals at which material is repeated to the rate at which new material is introduced. Plus, they can adapt to your learning style. None of this is to say there aren’t a lot of scam-y online learning platforms out there based in pseudoscience, because there are. But as this study highlights, if you know what you’re doing, learning in a gamified way can serve you a lot better than more traditional alternatives.

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