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February 23, 2014

Olympic hopefuls go for gold with virtual school

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by NW Tennessee Today

By 2019, 50 percent of all high school courses will be delivered online, according to Disrupting Class authors Clayton M. Christensen and Michael B. Horn. Online learning is very popular in the world of elite amateur athletics, where young competitors have to practice for multiple hours every day and travel around the world for competitions – while still doing their ABCs. “Virtual school is especially well suited to student athletes who desire to compete at the highest level in their sport, yet do not want to compromise on their academics,” observes Dr. Patricia Hoge, executive vice president of curriculum and instruction for Connections Academy. “In the short term, virtual schools offer the flexibility athletes and their families need. But even more important, in the longer term, quality virtual public schools deliver a world-class education that will serve the athletes beyond their athletic careers.”

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