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February 20, 2014

6 Ways To Tell If You’re Addicted To #EdTech

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By Dawn Casey-Rowe, Edudemic

It’s been less than two years since I started my edtech journey. Before that, I was just a teacher looking for ways to give my students the technology they demanded without having a tech budget. Today, I’m in love with edtech. I’ve crossed the line. I’m one of them now. In my pre-tech mind, students using smartphones to take pictures of assignments on the board, or kids setting alarms for projects would have been a tech revolution. I had no idea what lie ahead. I didn’t even have a vocabulary to express what I wanted. I’d never heard the word “edtech,” and I had to look up what a “start up guy” was. I was totally green. A friend introduced me to Learnist after I began searching for “teachers who used computers but didn’t have any in the classroom.” It was all my techless vocabulary could handle.

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