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March 28, 2013

MOOCs Are Here To Stay, Profs Say

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by Michael Fitzgerald, Information Week

Professors who teach massive open online courses predict they will bring down the cost of higher education — but not all agree on whether MOOCs should offer credits. The Chronicle asked, “What is it like to teach 10,000 or more students at once, and does it really work?” The answer is that it can work, though the median class size reported was a mere 2,600. And while most of the professors surveyed are not economists, they expect that MOOCs will work well enough to reduce the cost of attending college. A full 64 percent of respondents said they thought MOOCs would at least marginally reduce the cost of getting a degree from the institutions where they teach. When asked the broader question of whether MOOCs will lower the costs of college overall, 86 percent said yes, apparently because they expect that even if their institutions may not offer credit for their courses, others will.

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