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January 26, 2013

‘We thought we’d sell 1,000’: The inside story of the Raspberry Pi

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By Nick Heath, ZDNet

The $35 Linux Raspberry Pi computer has sparked a coding revolution. Here’s the inside story of the Pi, from its inspiration and development to plans for its future. Today more than 700,000 Raspberry Pi computers have been shipped to modders who are fitting them to robotic drones in the sky and underwater, to hobbyists designing home automation systems, and to wannabe coders looking to build their first programs. So what, exactly, is the Raspberry Pi? The Pi is a credit card-sized device and one of the lowest-cost computers available. At first glance it looks nothing like what is generally considered a computer, nothing more than a bare board and ports, but it is perfectly capable. The board is powerful enough to stream 1080p video, browse the web or write documents, and it was designed to be portable enough to carry around without breaking. A number of distros of Linux run on the Raspberry Pi, including ArchLinux, Debian “wheezy” and Raspbian — a Pi-optimised version of Debian.

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