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January 26, 2013

The Chromebook — it’s like an iPad, but with a keyboard

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By Matt Baxter-Reynolds, ZDNet

I rarely write reviews of products that I am really, really smitten by. So stand by, because the Chromebook is fantastic. Um… it’s amazing! I really wasn’t expecting it to be any good. A couple of years ago I had one of the first ones on order, but cancelled it as I although I was keen to know what it was like the whole premise seemed stupid. Who would want a laptop computer that only ran a web browser and that always needs an internet connection? This then is the entire Chromebook proposition. It’s just a web browser. The Acer I bought has 16GB of storage (which is a lot, considering in principle you never store anything locally), and 2GB of RAM. When you boot it up for the first time it takes you through getting a network connection going and it then asks you to log into your Google account.

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