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January 24, 2013

Google’s 80/20 Principle Applies to Students

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By Tanya Roscorla, Center for Digital Ed

The 80/20 principle that Google practices has trickled down to students in classrooms across North America. For at least 20 percent of their week, students work on projects that interest them. Whether educators call it 20 percent time or genius hour, the concept is the same, said Gallit Zvi, a teacher at Georges Vanier Elementary in British Columbia’s Surrey School District 36. “The goal as I see it is to give students time to explore what they wonder about or what their passions are,” Zvi said. “They’re in charge of their learning rather than me being the curriculum deliverer standing up in front of the class saying, ‘This is what we need to learn.” This process helps students understand that learning is a life-long goal, said Hugh McD

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