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December 31, 2012

Troubleshooting Advice from a ‘Digital Colonist’

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by edsurge

Technology is amazing, revolutionary, and beautiful…when it works. When it doesn’t, there are a lot of four-letter words that better describe it. At many schools, there aren’t nearly enough IT support staff to deal with all the problems that can pop up. Fear that something will go awry stops many great projects before they even begin. So how can you triage the easy problems, seek help on the medium ones, and get your IT guy’s attention on the really bad ones? The advice below comprises troubleshooting steps from a digital colonist for digital immigrants and digital natives. For different reasons, digital immigrants and natives are poor troubleshooters. If digital natives would be more patient and digital immigrants more confident, we might see technology used more effectively. Both can become power users in no time.

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