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November 26, 2018

AI will only succeed when people learn to trust it

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“If you look at how many people rely on their phone or Siri to set up a calendar, or call someone, or book an appointment, there is a level of trust on technology that indicates that AI and technology is becoming more reliable,” he said. As the head of a context-as-a-service company that’s all about AI, Rahnama believes that humans will learn to trust automated assistants more as they become more helpful. Salesforce recently found that 61 percent of people worldwide believe that AI offers positive opportunities to society. That still leaves 39 percent of people unconvinced that the robots are here to do good — and not all opportunities are created equal, either. Take self-driving cars, for instance. Only 46 percent of customers report liking or loving the idea of AI taking over that activity. When asked about email spam filters and credit card fraud detection, however, the positive customer sentiment was above 80 percent.

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