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November 25, 2011

MCC creating communities of learning

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By JAMES CHILTON, The Daily News

As Mohave Community College redoubles its efforts to combat a rising student default rate, one of the initiatives it has planned involves reintroducing certain remedial courses online, but with a twist. According to MCC president Dr. Michael Kearns, the college is preparing to begin implementing some new class models this spring using what’s called an “embedded advisor.” The idea, he said, is to pair a group of students in one class with a faculty member whose job will be to consistently monitor each student’s progress and make regular contact with them to ensure they’re getting all the help they need. Kearns said the idea was based around reintroducing the online version of TRM, MCC’s transitional math course, which is a remedial course many adult students often have to take to regain some of the math skills they’ve forgotten since high school. Since virtually all college degree programs require students to pass at least one college-level math course, Kearns said TRM is an essential stepping stone to prepare those students for college algebra.

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