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July 28, 2012

Why all the consumer love at Microsoft?

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By Mary Jo Foley, ZDNet

Many of Microsoft’s enterprise users — and those of us who love unearthing juicy details about products like System Center, Forefront, and the like — have been bemoaning Microsoft’s increasingly consumer-centric obsessions. Sure, Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner might still be taking some half-hearted public pot shots at Oracle, VMWare and IBM. And Microsoft’s Dynamics ERP wares, now a billion dollar business in their own right (not even including Dynamics CRM) might get their day in the sun every once in a while. But the real reason the Softies are putting so many of their eggs in the Xbox, Kinect, the newly announced Home Premium Office 365, and Windows 8 consumer-friendly apps and games is consumer is Microsoft’s weak spot. Or… if you are a glass half full kind of gal/guy… consumer is where there’s the most room for future growth.

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