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June 26, 2012

Google’s New Brain Could Have a Big Impact

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by TOM SIMONITE, Technology Review

Late last month, Google’s search engine got significantly smarter. A store of information dubbed the “Knowledge Graph” now adds useful context and detail to the list of links that Google serves up. Searching for certain people, places, or things produces a box of facts alongside the regular results. The Knowledge Graph is already starting to appear in a few other Google products, and could be used to add intelligence to all of the company’s software. “Search was mostly based on matching words and phrases, and not what they actually mean,” says Shashidar Thakur, the tech lead for the Knowledge Graph in Google’s search team. Thakur says the project was invented to change that. The Knowledge Graph can be thought of as a vast database that allows Google’s software to connect facts on people, places, and things to one another.

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