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May 27, 2017

How Machine Learning Will Impact Online Security This Year

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by Justin Blanchard, Forbes

Last year wasn’t a great year for security on the web. Every month, the media reported another major breach, many of which had an impact at the corporate and even state level. Online criminals want to remain hidden — if they’re discovered, it’s game over. They invest significant resources into hiding their presence, but it’s impossible for them to hide completely. There are always tell-tale network and usage patterns. But those patterns are constantly changing and obscured within massive quantities of genuine user interactions. Discovering those patterns is like looking for a needle in the world’s biggest haystack, and you have no idea what that needle looks like. It’s beyond the ability of humans, but it’s within the scope of what can be achieved with machine learning, which is capable of spotting patterns without being told exactly which patterns it should look for.

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