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November 21, 2013

Curious Offers Online Learning Without the Commitment of MOOCs

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by Elise Craig, Xconomy

It’s a very different model from the one being pursued by Udacity, Coursera, and other providers of Massive Open Online Courses, or MOOCs, which can give users college credit, and require a lot more time and commitment. “Coursera is focused on the higher-end market,” Kitch says. “They’re taking college courses and moving them online. You’re one of 100,000 people in this MOOC, you watch 20-30 hours of video, and you have hours of homework to do. On Curious, you can take a 15-minute lesson on java ,” Kitch says. You also don’t have to take lessons at any particular pace. The short classes can be a one-off for something simple, or strung together into a bigger “course” that students can follow in small chunks. At first, Curious sought out teachers. But now, as the site has grown, Curious has opened its platform so that anyone can apply to be a teacher and publish classes to their own pages.

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