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April 3, 2021

For college students with disabilities, communication is key in online learning

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University of Connecticut

Communication, the researchers said, was at the heart of the responses they received, which they said were highly bimodal – respondents had either very positive or very negative feelings about how things went at their university. “When the students talked about what worked well and what was important, it was clear, consistent, early, proactive communication and flexibility,” says Madaus. “And then when students talked about what didn’t go well, it was that the communication wasn’t clear and it wasn’t proactive and things were just not stable anymore.”¬†¬†Instead, there were these positive ways of communicating. People were seeing if they needed additional accommodations. The professors going online and making the video pause-able, which they’ve never done before, now allowed them to have completely different, enhanced access, without having to ask for it.”

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