Online Learning: Mich. professor’s YouTube course is just right for many

by David Jesse, Detroit Free Press

Many universities host large online courses that feature a professor lecturing and guiding students through courses they regularly teach in person. However, University of Michigan professor Andrew Maynard’s online education approach is geared toward people interested in a little bit of information on a certain topic, not an entire university course. “Something that has intrigued me is the rise of YouTube as an educational platform,” he said. About six months ago, Maynard started experimenting by posting a simple video on a topic he knows a lot about — risk science. “What does intrigue me here is that not only is there a lot of cool science behind how we understand and address things that potentially affect our health, but that understanding and reducing risks to ourselves is something that everyone has a stake in,” Maynard said. “And in many ways, it’s odd that there isn’t more information widely available on how to make smart decisions on risk that are based on science rather than guesswork.”

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