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May 6, 2020

Writing in the Time of COVID-19

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Helen Sword, Tomorrow’s Professor

Whether or not you feel as academically productive as you would like to be in these strange, unsettling times, it is crucial to remember that you are still a writer. Every time you scribble a few lines of poetry in your personal journal or tap out a WhatsApp message to a friend, you are coaxing language into new forms and salving the open wound of this troublesome moment in our history. Indeed, by validating and valuing the writing that you are already doing – that is, by listening to what your own words have to teach you – you may discover new ways of carving out more of that writing time you crave: time to think; time to engage with others; time to be anchored in the present; time to create new knowledge; and time to begin the process of healing. It’s time to write.

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