Don’t Be Lame, Personalize Learning Using Online Technologies

by Tom Vander ArkBlogger,

Together, six technology trends are making it easier for individuals to learn and easier for teachers to create great schools.

1.Personalization: adaptive tools that quickly diagnose needs and online systems that power anywhere anytime learning.

2.Profiles: comprehensive records of learner progress that help teachers and algorithms better meet student needs.

3.Playlists: a sequence of tailored learning experiences that customizes learning for every student (like iTunes Genius does for music).

4.iPad: cheap mobile devices are powering an explosion of learning apps

5.Progress: it’s becoming more common for students to progress to the next unit or grade after they show what they know (see for more)

6.Platforms: there are lots of efforts to build powerful next generation platforms that combine content, social learning, profiles, assessments, and services.

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