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October 13, 2012

Online Learning: Preparing for the MOOC-ocalypse

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by Rosie Redfield, RRTeaching

For a university education to be perceived as worth the tuition, it won’t be enough to supplement the free Coursera material with scheduled classroom peer-teaching experiences and a tutorial taught by a graduate student. The university needs to develop integrated programs with hands-on and face-to-face experiences that are seen as worth the cost. Ironically, the best way to prepare for this MOOC-opalypse may be to become part of the problem by teaching a MOOC. In principle, one advantage a university gains by offering Coursera courses or other MOOCs is that the enormous numbers of students and the online record-keeping make it possible to collect unprecedented amounts of data about student learning. But in practice most of the data will be worthless unless we carefully design our courses as learning experiments. That sentence makes it sound like designing a course to be a learning experiment is something I know how to do. It’s not. And I’m not likely to have the time to do this even if I had the expertise.

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