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September 29, 2012

Is Udemy the future of online learning?

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by: Susan Moore, MindLeaders

The site – which allows anyone to upload a “course”, sell it to other users, or give it away for free – was developed by two Turkish learning platform designers and launched in May 2010. Since then it has gained tens of thousands of courses, ranging in price from $0 to $250. Udemy is really a massive, open, social LMS. By some measures, it has become the single largest destination for formal learning on the internet. Courses contain multiple lessons which can include pdfs, word docs and slide presentations. But the bulk of the content consists of video learning. There are video tutorials on everything from how to use FourSquare for business to introducing Brazil as a country. Once you take a course you can rate it and share it on Facebook, allowing other users to gauge which courses are worth spending a few dollars on. Some people do use the network for marketing themselves by uploading free courses (such as the good people at SEOMoz) but the most of the content are lessons uploaded by “experts” and sold for a price. This means that, often costing $200 or more, we expect several hours of high quality learning from each course.

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