Coursera introduces three online learning courses in statistics

by Stephanie Kovalchik, Significance

In seeming anticipation of the 2013 Year of Statistics, three of Coursera’s September offerings are new classes about reasoning with data. Andrew Conway, Professor of Psychology at Princeton University, gets things underway with Statistics One. Later in the month, Professor of Biostatistics at Johns Hopkins University Roger D. Peng will offer Computing for Data Analysis and Professor Brian Caffo, who is also in the Biostatistics Department at JHU, will run a Mathematical Biostatistics Boot Camp. Statistics One is a six-week gentle introduction to statistical reasoning with no prerequisites. Brian Caffo’s 7-week long ‘boot camp’ in biostatistics, as the name suggests, will be more technically rigorous, presenting material intended for first-year graduate students with some knowledge of calculus. Although all of the courses plan to include some programming with the statistical language R, learning and using R will be the focus of Roger Peng’s 4-week Computing for Data Analysis.

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