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October 6, 2019

Innovative Teaching Approaches: Virtual Reality

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As universities play a crucial role in moulding tomorrow’s talents, the application of technology can help universities stay ahead of the curve by not only supporting educators’ teaching and promoting creative enquiry, but also enhancing learning through exposure to advanced technology, making learning more satisfying and engaging than cases of passive classroom learning. Advances in AR, VR and simulation have opened the floodgates to digital internships, virtual labs, simulated industrial operations and novel approaches to collaborative and experiential learning. For example, while unorthodox, digital internships serve as a useful platform for students who are unable to engage in a ‘real-time’ internship due to personal constraints, such as family commitments. VR has been dubbed a revolutionary tool that provides students with an immersive learning experience, transporting them to a new environment without ever leaving the classroom.

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