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June 27, 2012

Learning Online: Building Different MOOC’s for Different Pedagogical Needs

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by Curtis J. Bonk, professor of education, Indiana University at Bloomington via the Chronicle of Higher Ed

My chief concern is that there have been MOOC’s in the past, and some people seem to treat them as a type of religious experience both in terms of the content covered and the ways in which information is displayed, communicated, and reused. However, each MOOC is different. I think we need additional research on how to structure a MOOC, the types and forms of incentives to embed in such a course, the forms of learning assistance or scaffolding that are now possible, the range of resources that can bolster a MOOC-like experience, and so on. But a successful MOOC for an introductory or intermediate college course is much different in content and delivery format than what might prove effective in a professional-development MOOC.

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