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January 9, 2019

Digital transformation in education: The FutureLearn view

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Information Age
In this piece, Nigel Smith of The Open University-owned FutureLearn, reflects on the digital transformation in education over the past six years since MOOCs (massive open online courses) first burst onto the scene Digital transformation in education: The FutureLearn view image. There is no choice but to innovate in scaling the supply of education. Otherwise, people desperate to learn are excluded. Digital transformation has had a huge impact on the education sector. Six years ago ‘MOOCs’ (Massive Open Online Courses) became a buzzword with the New York Times going so far as to say 2012 was “the year of the MOOC.” Since then others have asked if this early enthusiasm was justified. Has there been a sense of unfulfilled promise? In some ways it’s unsurprising. The claims were overhyped; MOOCs were just one manifestation of digital impact on education. However, the number of Universities using MOOCs has continued to grow — as has the number of people taking them. More significantly still is the evolution of how universities are using MOOCs: in student recruitment, blended learning, research, targeting professionals, and humanitarian causes.

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