An online learning education gains momentum

By John A. Lahtinen, Harford Businesss

Consider this. Two equally-qualified candidates interview for the same position. Both are experienced and interview strongly. One holds an MBA from Wharton, the other an online MBA from the University of Phoenix. Who gets the job? While many employers have for years viewed degrees earned online less favorably than those earned traditionally, times might be changing with many employers increasingly appreciating the fact that online students are completing their degrees while balancing work and family responsibilities.  Sara Bell, human resource director at BlumShapiro in West Hartford, says that while a traditional degree from the Whartons, NYU’s and Columbia’s of the world should and does certainly carry some weight, it’s not always about where candidates earn their degrees, but more about the candidates themselves. “Beyond a few basic credentials, it’s all about the candidate,” Bell said. “I think at one time there was a perception around online programs. These days I think employers are more open to this type of degree understanding that busy professionals need a more flexible option for learning.”

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