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April 10, 2012

How Much Does Online / Blended Learning Cost?

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By Michael Hart, Heather Staker, THE Journal

In the second installment of their monthly column, blended learning experts Michael B. Horn and Heather Staker address the issue of blended learning costs. Many public schools are running to implement blended learning out of the belief that it will save them money. In this time of bleak budgets, who can blame them? Schools need to do whatever they can to continue to operate and provide a decent education for their students. State policymakers are similarly attracted to the notion of blended learning. Many eagerly wonder how much blended learning costs so that they can begin to reap some true savings from their education budgets for the other pressing obligations that are bearing down on state governments. And then the question arrives. How much does blended learning cost? And then the answer–it depends–disappoints. Determining the cost of blended learning isn’t so simple. There is no single answer.

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