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October 8, 2018

Increasing Learner Engagement In Online Courses

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by Business World

Online learning is still saddled with disengaged learners, huge dropout rates, incomplete capstone projects and a nagging doubt about its efficacy and effectiveness. It is wise, therefore, to be skeptical about the claims; yet there are also reasons to believe that a profound shift is occurring and a need to pinpoint different strategies to fix the gaps can’t be undermined.  For online learning to become engaging, it needs to start with engaging content. A course should contain a variety of content formats – videos, text, audio, quizzes, games and more. Several educators have experimented with different video formats – slideshows, live instructors, light boards and animations. Interactive videos, which allow learners to interact with the video content in the form of in-video questions, have taken the engagement level a notch higher. Practice quizzes with instant feedback allow learners to test their knowledge. Games like crossword puzzles, treasure hunts etc. which concentrate on components of the subject matter make learning interesting.

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