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July 11, 2018

State Authorization Compliance Continues Despite Delay

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by Russ Poulin, WCET

Regardless of the status of a federal regulation, we wish to be emphatic that every institution must thoroughly understand that compliance for out-of-state activities of the institution must be maintained per the following:

State regulations. For both institutional authorization on professional licensure programs, institutions need to know the requirements of any state in which they are recruiting and/or enrolling students.
SARA requirements (see the SARA Manual). These remain in effect for member institutions.
Federal regulations currently in effect (we will write more on these in an upcoming post):
34 CFR 43(b) – Institutional Information (Student Complaint location);
34 CFR 71 and 34 CFR 668.72 (c) (2) Misrepresentation – with specific language about professional licensure;
34 CFR 17(g)(2) – at registration or enrollment, in writing, notify students of any projected additional student charges (proctoring).
Department of Defense (DoD) Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) requires participating institutions to comply with all state authorization requirements for providing distance education to participate in the Tuition Assistance Program for active duty military students.
These requirements did not get delayed. As a matter of fact, compliance with the above requirements and regulations should already be in place for every institution.

The Announcement of the Delay was Delayed, but the Result is a Delay!

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