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June 23, 2018

Crowder starts new program to lighten the load on students

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By: Ashley Godwin, Four States

Crowder College administration is seeing a pattern of students balancing course work with other priorities, but they have found a way to help.  Through a Title 3 grant, Crowder is implementing a new style of higher educational learning called uConnect where students can still be considered a full-time student, but not take so many classes at once. “So for example when I take 15 credit hours a semester that’s usually 5 classes. The first 8 weeks I’ll do two of those classes and then the next 8 weeks I’ll do the other three classes, so I’m still getting my 15 hours a semester, but I’m only studying two or three subjects at a time,” says Cindy Brown. “You have time to breathe. You have a lot of time to breathe, and just take a step back, because you need that for your mental health,” says Amy Leyva. Crowder will start uConnect this fall. And with technology becoming more prevalent in education, as the program progresses, Crowder is looking to add online or partial online classes.

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